Support and Help

Our support for you

If you have any questions or you need help in some of the following cases

of existing installations or about extinting your system

  • Help, support or questions about an existing installation
  • Advice on expansion options
  • Acquisition of extension licenses
  • Splitting-Screen

of new applications

  • Planning of new projects in digital signage
  • Acquisition of first licenses and new installations
  • Connection of quintessence event with the room management software quintessence room
  • Possibilities of testing the software

of hardware or display types

  • PC's for the display clients
  • door sign displays
  • wall displays
  • stele displays
  • desk displays
  • Courtroom displays
  • etc.


For all inquiries you need a support ticket with a support identification number (support ID). All correspondence and any telephone consultation will then be handled under the assigned support ID.


Just write us an email, stating:

  • Your name
  • Company name and company address
  • for existing installations: the server and display client version number, and the number of display clients
  • Description of the question or problem
  • For new projects: please specify what is planned


to our support email addresse supportno@nospam.de noquintessence-event.com and we´re going to create the nessacessary support ticket for you and contact you as soon as possible.


We look forward to your inquiries!



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